How do most Car Accidents Occur?

Why do car accidents occur? Well, it’s typically a combination of four factors with the behavior of the driver generally being paramount.


If you’ve ever received one speeding ticket, you’re not alone. By the time you get two or three in a short time period, you’ll probably end up sitting in a classroom all day long, listening to a driving instructor drill into your head the following words: “Slow down!”


Indeed, many accidents occur because drivers decide to go well over the posted speed limit and to treat the road like a race track, doing aggressive behaviors like taking curves really fast or weaving in and out of traffic in order to pass everyone else. As you can imagine, excessive amounts of alcohol in one’s system exacerbates this problem, as drivers are a bit out of their right minds, driving erratically and easily getting into accidents.


Besides driver behavior, three other factors contribute to car accidents. First, if equipment on the vehicle fails, problems can ensue. For instance, if the brakes don’t work, for whatever reason, an accident is likely to occur. Or maybe the windshield wipers won’t run and a person’s trying to drive in a blinding rain storm in the dark. Next, roadway design comes into play with accidents.Are there parts of your neighborhood known as “dead man’s curve?” That’s where you’re trying to make a turn onto a road but can’t see oncoming traffic (or they can’t see you) because of the way the road’s designed, with trees, bushes, signs, etc. blocking the view. Or you have to take a left exit when you’re only used to taking right exits. Finally, poor roadway conditions, such as giant potholes, debris in the streets, uneven pavement, unexpected bumps, and weather-related water/ice can cause your vehicle to temporarily be out of control, resulting in an accident.


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