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Dispelling Common Myths About Car Accident Causes

Auto Collision

Car accidents, unfortunately, are commonplace enough that millions of us will deal with them over the course of our lives. The ubiquity of collision has given rise to a number of myths regarding what primarily causes them. Today, we’ll debunk some of these common misconceptions, allowing us to create a more accurate understanding and, hopefully,… Read more »

The Effect of Vehicle Size and Weight in Collision Outcomes

A mid-size SUV has flipped over on a city road after a vehicle collision

When two vehicles collide, the outcome of the accident isn’t just dictated by the speed or angle of impact. The size and weight of the vehicles involved also play a pivotal role in determining the damage and potential injuries. Here’s how these factors influence collision outcomes and what it means for road safety: The Physics… Read more »

Vehicle Maintenance to Do After a Long Winter

A mechanic works on a car's tire with a drill

Now that we’re solidly into spring, we’re leaving cold weather in the past. Americans tend to drive more in the summer and spring than in the winter, mainly due to the weather. So, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing a bit more driving and traveling in the coming months. Before you hit the road,… Read more »

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light

A check engine light is lit up on a dashboard

It happens to every vehicle owner eventually. You’re driving somewhere without any indication that there’s something potentially wrong with your car when the check engine light comes on. When this happens, you shouldn’t get worked up or panic. There’s no need to pull over and call a tow truck to take your car away. But… Read more »

How do most Car Accidents Occur?

Why do car accidents occur? Well, it’s typically a combination of four factors with the behavior of the driver generally being paramount.   If you’ve ever received one speeding ticket, you’re not alone. By the time you get two or three in a short time period, you’ll probably end up sitting in a classroom all… Read more »