How to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly

Do you want to make sure your car is as eco-friendly as it can possibly be? You can start by buying a car that gets excellent fuel efficiency. There are also other steps you can take to ensure your car isn’t polluting the environment any more than it absolutely has to.

Here are some tips for creating an eco-friendlier car:

Make sure you maintain your car regularly

The first thing you can do to make your car eco-friendlier is maintain it regularly or take it to a mechanic for maintenance. You should change the oil in it every three months, replace your engine’s air filter when necessary, service your air conditioner, and even check the pressure in your tires. All these things can make your vehicle more efficient and cut down on the amount of gas it uses.

Avoid speeding and making sudden stops when you’re out on the road

When you drive fast, you burn more fuel than when you do the speed limit. And when you’re always stopping suddenly and then restarting, you’re also burning more fuel than you really should. Slow down and allow your car to coast more often when you’re driving. It’ll prevent your vehicle from burning through as much fuel.

Remove things from your trunk that don’t need to be there

Is your trunk loaded up with a bunch of stuff that doesn’t really need to be there? Your spare tire should obviously stay put. So should any emergency equipment, like jumper cables, that you have back there. But you don’t really need your golf clubs, your softball equipment, and a bowling ball sitting in your trunk for no reason. By getting rid of them, you can make your car lighter and allow it to guzzle less gas.

Resist the urge to “top off” your gas tank when it’s full

A lot of people feel the need to “top off” their gas tank when they’re filling it up. This might seem like a good idea since it will, in theory, prevent you from having to get gas again anytime soon. But “topping off” a tank can allow dangerous fumes to escape and get out into the environment. So, it’s not worth doing it if you care about the planet.

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