How Understanding Your Headlights Can Help You Improve Your Driving

Now’s the time of the year where it gets darker earlier and earlier. With it getting dark so soon, this could impact your visibility on the road. That’s why headlights are essential components of our cars. Proactive maintenance of your headlights will help prevent you from getting a ticket, and it can help improve your nighttime driving.

Here are a few headlight options and safety tips you can follow:

Clean Your Headlights

Do you notice fogginess or yellowing on your headlights? That could be caused by UV ray damage. If your lenses appear to be foggy or have a yellow tint, this may negatively impact your visibility while driving at night.

If your headlights are no longer looking clear, you can purchase a headlight restoration kit to clean them. If cleaning doesn’t work, it may be time to replace your headlights.

Replacing Your Headlight Bulbs

If your lights still appear to be clear, but they seem a bit dimmer than usual, it could mean that it’s time to replace your bulbs. Every few years, you can expect to replace your headlights.

If you do a lot of night driving, try purchasing a long-life bulb for your next replacement. These bulbs will typically last about three times longer than your standard bulbs.

Make Sure You’re Using All of Your Lights

Although your headlights are one of your car’s most important features, there are other important lights in your vehicle that you should be using in different conditions.

High Beams

Your high beams are typically used on dark backroads that don’t have a lot of other cars. These are important to use in driving conditions where there are no streetlights. Always abide by your state’s laws for when you can use your headlights.

Low Beams

If you’re driving in poor weather conditions, this would be the time to use your low beams. Again, always make sure you’re abiding by your state’s laws when using them.

Fog Lights

If you’re driving through heavy fog, always turn your fog lights on! However, avoid using them on clear nights because they can distract other drivers.

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