New App Turns Cars into Smartphones

There are a handful of automobile manufacturers that are working to make this a reality for more people. They have found a way to give drivers the opportunity to turn their cars into smartphones by incorporating new technology into the touch screens in their vehicles.

General Motors Co. was the first company to take the leap in late 2017 when they introduced their Marketplace interface to those with new GM vehicles. The interface allows people to order dinner from places like Applebee’s, pay for fuel at certain gas stations, and reserve hotel rooms through

Hyundai Motor Co. followed GM’s lead and came up with a similar system that also allows people to do things like order food and pay for gas without having to pull out a debit or credit card.

And BMW Group is experimenting with built-in apps in some of their vehicles as well. They allow BMW drivers to track down parking and pay for it with the push of a button on their touch screens.

Due to the success of this technology, those in the auto industry are expecting it to start popping up in more vehicles manufactured by other car manufacturers soon. Before long, every new car might have the ability to connect with local merchants and provide you with the chance to place coffee orders, pay for gas, and more right from the touch screen in your car.

But there are, of course, some concerns about how all of this could affect safety when people are out on the road. While the new technology might make life more convenient for some people, it could also distract a lot of drivers and prove to be one more thing that forces them to take their eyes off the road. Drivers are already having a hard-enough time as is putting away their smartphones while driving, and the thought is that touch screens could be the next big distraction inside cars.

Car manufacturers are already arguing against this. They believe connected touch screens are a less distracting option than smartphones and could cut down on car accidents and save a lot of lives. But for the time being, there is still tons of research that will need to be done to see how touch screens will affect drivers as we move forward.

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