Technology Based Safety Features to Consider

Automotive technology has evolved considerably over the years, including in areas of safety. While safety features like seat belts, air bags, and anti-lock brakes are now considered standard, new technology-based safety features are beginning to emerge.

These are a few technology features to consider if you’re thinking about purchasing a new car.

Rearview cameras

Rearview cameras were novelties not long ago, and were mostly seen on RVs and other large vehicles. These devices, which incorporate a camera behind the vehicle and a dash monitor, are intended to provide motorists with a more complete view while backing up. Rearview cameras are becoming increasingly popular with drivers, and the NHTSA is requiring these devices on all new cars in 2018.

Blind spot monitoring

We have all had the experience of preparing to change lanes only to discover another vehicle is in the “blind spot” and cannot be seen in the side mirror. Blind spot monitoring is a new technology that electronically monitors these areas and provides a notification to the driver when another vehicle is detected.

Lane-departure monitoring

Drifting between lanes creates the potential for a crash with another vehicle or an object along the roadside. Lane-departure monitoring systems use sensors to track a vehicle’s position on the road and alert the driver if the vehicle may be drifting out of the lane

Crash-prevention systems

Crash-prevention systems employ a variety of technologies like radar and cameras to monitor the area in front of a vehicle. The systems are intended to warn a driver if something is detected on the road in front of the vehicle. Advanced systems are also being developed that will be able to automatically brake when danger is detected.

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