Technology Created to Help Drowsy Drivers Stay Alert

Did you know that drowsy driving is one of the major causes of car accidents in the United States? If you get into your vehicle already feeling a little tired, the bumps and vibrations you feel while driving can contribute to your drowsiness.

Drowsy driving can distract drivers from paying attention to the road, slow their reaction times, and affect their ability to make the right decisions. Now, automakers are trying to limit car accidents by creating crash-avoidant technology that can detect when you are driving unsafely.

Many cars on the road now have systems to help prevent accidents. Here are some of the more popular ones:Driving at Night

Driver Attention Alert

This system helps control drowsy driving by monitoring the driver’s steering patterns during a period of driving. If the system detects that the patterns vary or are unusual, then the system uses an audible chime and a display message that reads, “Take a break.” To reset the system, one must pull over and turn the engine off. It’s up to the driver to restart the car and continue driving.

Wearable Driver Drowsiness Detection Systems

This form of technology is a little different because it’s in the form of a bracelet that you wear instead of built right into your car. The tracker will monitor the heartbeat of the driver. Then, it monitors and analyzes your pulse through an app connected by Bluetooth to the bracelet. If the driver is operating the vehicle safely, the bracelet won’t sound.

On the other hand, if the driver is distracted, it will turn red and alert a loud sound to the driver.

Anti-Sleep Pilot 

The anti-sleep pilot is a device used to measure the risk level of becoming drowsy while driving. Drivers are encouraged to place the device on their dashboard for the best results. The anti-sleep pilot has a built-in motion detector, flashing lights, and an audible alarm to notify the driver when he/she is demonstrating unusual driving patterns.

All prompts can be turned off by touching the device. However, the more fatigued it senses the driver is, the more it will alarm. When the device detects that you need a rest break, the alarm will sound at its highest, and the lights will flash red.

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