Technology for Teen Drivers

Parents have worried about their teen drivers for decades now. Because teen drivers don’t have much experience behind the wheel, parents worry about their safety and talk to them all the time about keeping their eyes on the road and not being distracted by friends in the car, the music, or anything else.

But these days, it seems more difficult than ever for teen drivers to focus on the road. While passengers and radios used to be the only distractions they had to deal with, they now have everything from smart phones to navigational systems to other forms of advanced car technology to distract them when they’re trying to drive.

Fortunately, there are all types of technology available today that are designed to keep teen drivers safer. Take a look at a few forms of technology you might want to get if you have a teen driver in your home.


Want to keep tabs on your teen drivers while they’re out on the road? You can do it with this iOs and Android app that works with a tiny gadget called Automatic that you can put right on your vehicle. It will track the speed at which your teen is driving, the rate at which they brake, and so much more. You can log into the app whenever you want to get a snapshot of how your teen is doing on the road.


If you want to get an alert any time your teen driver does something that could potentially put them in harm’s way, this app is up for the job. It can track the location of your teen driver as well as the approximate speed at which they’re traveling. But more importantly, it can send you alerts directly anytime they brake hard or increase their speed suddenly. It can even notify you if your teen driver is ever involved in an accident.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

Thanks to an update to their iOS, even Apple is stepping up and trying to limit the distractions teen drivers face. When activated, this app will automatically detect when a teen is driving and silence notifications from their phone so that they don’t get them while they’re behind the wheel. It will also alert others that your teen is driving when they text and let them know that your teen will text them back later.

These are just a few of the ways you can keep your teen safer behind the wheel. You should consider using one or all of them to let your teen driver know that safety should be of the utmost importance every time they drive.

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