The ABFDE: What Exactly Do They Do?

Every industry has its own take on what’s commonly referred to as alphabet soup. From the NIH to the FBI, the NBA to CNN, we can’t seem to escape the long lists of sometimes confusing acronyms.


In the field of forensics, one of the most talked about organizations is the ABFDE, or the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners. Like other organizations, the ABFDE acts as an authority in the field, determining standards and guidelines that maintain professionalism and credibility, both of which are incredibly important in the field of forensics.


Imagine if any old regular Joe could claim to be a forensic specialist. You might have Scooby Doo and the crew showing up to solve the mystery of a burglary or even worse, a murder. Not a very comforting thought, right?


In addition to determining industry standards, the ABFDE certifies document examiners to protect people from deception and manipulation. Its authority is strengthened by sponsorship from a broad range of other related forensics organizations. A reputable certifying body is especially important in a field like forensics, in which experts are tasked with keeping up to date on newly introduced technologies and practices.


Since its inception in 1977, the ABFDE has been working closely with both sides of the industry. On one hand, they must cooperate with law enforcement and lawmaking bodies. They have also maintained a working relationship with those who educate and train new generations of forensics document examiners.


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