The Dangers of Driving in Fog

Fog is one of the most dangerous types of weather to drive in as it can make it hard to see only feet in front of you.

It can not only make it difficult to see the cars in front or behind you, but it can also make it hard to see other potential hazards such as animals or objects in the road.

To avoid accidents when thick fog rolls in, it is essential to be completely focused on the road, to make sure your car settings are adjusted and to drive slower than normal to avoid potential hazards. By following these few simple steps, you’ll greatly improve your chances of staying safe and reaching your destination.

Driving in Fog

Your line of sight decreases dramatically

Typically, you will only be able to see a quarter mile ahead when there is fog, but if it is thicker, you may have trouble seeing only a few feet in front of you.

If there’s an accident, a sudden traffic jam, a change in the path of the road, or any other potential hazard, you’ll have only milliseconds to react. Because of this, it’s strongly suggested to drive slower than you normally would to avoid damage to yourself or your vehicle, even pulling off the road until you can see a safe distance down the roadway. Slowing down but continuing to drive may lead to your vehicle being rear ended by a car traveling from behind.

Your headlights aren’t as effective

When dense fog rolls in you may be tempted to use your high beams to see better, but this is counterproductive. The water droplets in the fog will actually reflect the light from your car’s high beams and will make it even more difficult to see.

It is suggested that you drive with your headlights on the low setting, or use fog lights, as it will allow you a clearer view of the road.

Fellow drivers can make mistakes

As with any type of weather, there are drivers who don’t take it seriously. They may think that they have driven through fog for their entire lives and don’t need to slow down.

It’s important to give yourself distance from these other drivers by either moving into the other lane or staying a good distance back. It can be the difference between an accident and making it home safely.

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