The Leading Causes of Vehicle Accidents

Driving a vehicle is a common, everyday occurrence for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, vehicle accidents and collisions are also fairly common, affecting millions, injuring hundreds of thousands, and killing tens of thousands of people each year.

If you’re a driver, you’re likely doing your best to avoid getting into a collision. However, knowing more about the conditions that tend to lead to accidents can help you do an even better job avoiding them. Here are some of the leading causes of car accidents:

Driver Error

The overwhelming majority – more than 90% – of vehicle accidents are caused by some form of driver error. The most common form of driver error that leads to accidents is recognition error. This would include crashes caused by a driver’s inattention, any distractions, and also inadequate surveillance. The next most common form of driver error is decision error, which involves drive too fast for the conditions, illegal maneuvers, and poor judgement of the speed of other vehicles and of the road conditions. Other driver error accidents include performance errors, such as poor directional control, and non-performance errors, such as falling asleep while driving.

Vehicle Failure

Behind driver error, the next most common cause of car accidents in the United States is vehicle failure. This can also come in many forms. The most common vehicle failure that leads to accidents is failure of the tires or the wheel. Brake-related issues make up the second-most vehicle failure related crashes. Meanwhile, steering, suspension, transmission, engine, and other vehicle issues make up about 40% of these accidents.

Environmental Conditions

The third-leading cause of vehicle accidents in the United States is environmental conditions. There’s quite a bit of variety in this category. Most commonly in this case, accidents are caused by slick roads. However, many accidents are also caused by sun glare, view obstructions, road conditions, weather, signs and signals, and road design.

In general, this means drivers should be alert and attentive, demonstrating skills gained over years on the road. They should ensure their vehicle is always in tip-top shape. Additionally, they should be cognizant of any environmental conditions that can make things more dangerous.

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