Tips for Safe Driving on Back Roads

A semi carries a tractor on its trailer as it drives down a country road at dusk.The weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer – spring is on its way. And with spring comes a lot more road trips.

Those that are travelling a long distance throughout the country may find themselves driving on more back roads or country roads than they’re accustomed to on their way to their destination. That can be a fun experience as you get to enjoy beautiful sights in areas you’ve never traveled through before. But it also comes  with some risks if you’re not used to driving these roads. Follow these tips and you should be good to go:

Be Careful When Passing

A long, straight stretch of road in the country may offer you the opportunity to pass a slower vehicle in front of you. But you should make sure that the part of the road is marked as a safe area to pass. If there’s only a yellow dashed line in the center of the road, you’re good to pass. If there is both a solid yellow line and a dashed line, you can only pass if the dashed line is on your side. If there is only a solid line on your side, you cannot pass.

Watch for Obstacles

You may be likely to see such equipment as tractors, ATVs, and farming combines on country roads. It’s important to remember that these vehicles may move a little slower than you so be sure to keep a safe distance.

In some rural areas, you may even see livestock crossing the road from time-to-time, which should be marked by road signs. If you do come across livestock being moved, stop your vehicle and wait for them to clear the road.

If you are in certain areas of the country, you may even see horse drawn carriages. Treat these as any other vehicle, and do not assume that because you are faster, they should get over. They are granted as much, if not more, right to the roadway as you are. When you pass them, do so with care.

Don’t Expect Much Light

The rural roadways you’re travelling on won’t have the kind of light you’ve likely become accustomed to in urban or suburban areas. You’re going to experience darker conditions at night so it might be wise to use your vehicle’s high beams to help with visibility.

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