Upcoming Car Features Worth Considering

Just a decade ago, the idea of having a GPS system or a backup camera installed in your car seemed futuristic.

In 2018, most vehicles come standard with a variety of technological features intended to keep drivers safe.

Many car features are still being developed and will likely improve over the course of the next several years. For now, let’s take a look at some car features that are worth considering if you’re in the market for a new vehicle.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control is a feature that has been around for years now, but it’s come a long way compared to when it first started. The cruise control feature used to simply allow you to maintain one speed while driving on highways. Today, adaptive cruise control can monitor the speed of those around you using sensors and change your speed accordingly so that you don’t have to spend your entire commute hitting the brakes. There are even some adaptive cruise control systems that will slow down completely before bringing you back up to your desired speed without requesting any action from the driver.

Lane Departure Warning

No matter how careful you are when you’re behind the wheel of your car, there are going to be times when you inadvertently drift out of your lane. There are simply too many distractions both inside and outside of your vehicle. As a result, lane departure warning feature was created. Lane departure warning uses a series of cameras to alert you when you move out of your lane. This is intended to prevent accidents from taking place although nothing is guaranteed.

Teen Driver Technology

You’re going to be nervous when you give your teenage driver the keys to your vehicle. There’s no doubt about it. However, teen driver technology has made it possible for parents to monitor the activities of their kids when they take the wheel. The technology can alert you if your child is driving too quickly, shut off the car stereo if seatbelts aren’t being worn, and more. It will help put your mind at ease when your child starts driving.

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