What Can You Do To Stay Safe On A Motorcycle?


Here at 4N6XPRT Systems, we provide accident reconstruction software that sorts through the chaos in the wake of an accident, putting together the pieces that help law enforcement and insurance analysts determine the circumstances that caused it. While an accident involving two vehicles is relatively straightforward, adding other vehicles and objects can make analyzing an accident exponentially more complex. The same is true when accidents involve less conventional vehicles, like motorcycles.


Having paid close attention to what leads to motorcycle disasters, we’re here to offer a few tips for motorcycle drivers. After all, the less motorcycle accidents we need to examine, the better.


Make Maintenance a Priority

Some of the most important things you can do to stay safe on a motorcycle don’t even involve driving it. If something goes wrong with a car or truck, the driver likely still has layers of safety features to protect them from serious injury. But if something goes wrong with a motorcycle, you might find yourself barreling down a busy highway on what amounts to a very heavy bicycle. This makes it all the more important to make sure that your motorcycle is in tip-top shape, from the tread on the tires to the gas in the tank.


Dress For Safety

If you crash a car, you’re strapped in with a seatbelt, with a tough frame surrounding you and at least one airbag ready to deploy. Likewise, if the weather causes trouble, windshield wipers and fluids can help to maintain visibility. On a motorcycle, you’ve only got what you were born with, your skin, bones, eyes and ears. Be sure to wear every bit of clothing and equipment that gives you an extra layer of protection or readiness.


Ride Like You Mean It

Any safe motorcyclist lives by the simple rule of never assuming that other cars can see you. That’s why it’s important to do whatever you need in order to make yourself noticed. With that said, there is a balance to be struck between confidence and aggressiveness.


Get In The Gaps

When you’re riding a motorcycle, the safest areas of the road are those without cars. Make it an active priority to stay in low-traffic pockets as much as you can. Similarly, avoid the temptation to share lanes with fellow motorcycle riders. Many motorcyclists consider the left lane to be safest on a multilane highway when it has a shoulder. It keeps you away from merging traffic in the right lane and gives you an escape route in case a car blindly darts into your lane.


Be Smart About The Weather

Those who ride a motorcycle in an area with dynamic weather often end up as amateur meteorologists after a few years. It’s never been easier to predict the weather, so make use of your smartphone and prepare yourself accordingly. Also, make sure that when warm weather comes in the Spring that the road is actually ready, no matter how eager you are to get back on the road.