Teach Young Drivers the Importance of 5-Star NHSTA Rating & Accident Reconstruction


When a driver gets on the road for the first time, there’s a lot to learn and prepare for, beyond just the rules of the road. A good example would be vehicle history and information. A 5-star NHSTA rating is crucial, but a new driver might not be aware of that. Be sure to include an in-depth conversation about safe cars and NHSTA ratings if you’re teaching a child or a friend about driver safety.


Why are 5-Star NHSTA Ratings Important?


A “first car” often means a novice driver and if there is only one time in life that a driver needs a safe car, it’s during the first years. A great first car is a Subaru or a Volvo, as they both consistently meet NHSTA 5-star ratings for safety.


For example, check out this crash-test video with a 2014 Subaru Forester:


Even the safest cars aren’t 100% accident proof, because it all comes down to responsible and defensive driving. This means that when your ‘safe’ car is in an accident, you’ll need vehicle reconstruction professionals to help pinpoint what went down, especially if you think you have a case. Be sure to talk about the importance of motor accident forensics, in the event of an accident.


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