What Are the Most Prevalent Reasons Accidents Occur?

Why do accidents occur on roads and highways? Typically, crashes occur because of human error. From inexperienced drivers to drunk ones, humans are imperfect. They often go faster than the posted speed limit, ignore signals and stop signs, and don’t wear seat belts, even though they know they should.


Would you rather be in a crash involving two cars hitting each other at 10 MPH or 75 MPH? Speeding leads to seriously bad crashes where people often have to go to the hospital where they’re treated for serious injuries –or worse.


Driving while intoxicated is another reason that many car crashes occur. Alcohol weakens your motor skills, as well as your reaction time and judgment, which of course affects your ability to aptly drive vehicle.


Sometimes adverse weather conditions can cause accidents– slippery, icy roads and/or dark, foggy nights, for instance, can make driving an extreme challenge.


Distracted drivers also cause crashes. That moment you take to look down to change the radio station or read your phone text could be the moment you slam into the car in front of you.


How can society work toward reducing the number of vehicular accidents? First, education and training can help get people in the habit of safe driving, paying attention to traffic laws. Next, police officers can do their part in enforcing laws to catch people who aren’t following the rules. Thirdly, car and truck manufacturers can use their vehicle engineering skills to design vehicles that are safer than ones from the past. Finally, road and traffic engineers can work on improving existing roads to make them safer– better markings, signage, wider shoulders, etc.


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