2013 Expert AutoStats is now available

AutoStats Program, 2013 AutoStats Program, The most comprehensive, up-to-date AutoStats vehicle database is now ready for purchase.


4N6XPRT, the developers of the most complete vehicle dimension database programs on the web, including Expert TireStuf, VIN DeCoder, StifCalcs, and the popular AutoStats, has released its 2013 version of Expert AutoStats to the public and has already begun shipping the programs to customers.


The new version contains over 43,000 model year vehicles, covering from the late 1940s through 2013 and some 2014 models. The minimum statistics the program will cover is the Length-Width-Wheelbase-Height-Curb Weight-Weight Distribution. But most vehicles from 1980-present, which accounts for the large majority of vehicles on the road today, includes many more details that are specific to accident investigators, like measurements of the bumper, hood, windshield heights, front/rear overhang, moments of inertia, center of gravity placement, and performance 0-30 mph, 0-60 mph, and 60 mph -0.


The data are for cars that are intended to be driving in the United States and Canada, though many Asian and European models have the same dimensions.


As of March 1, 2013, over 1,000 AutoStats programs have been sold, 316 of them being purchased by government agencies in the United States, Canada, and Columbia.


The new version is fully compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. The cost of the programs is $625 and is available for purchase by filling out this form or by emailing 4n6@4n6xprt.com.