View of a person driving on the highway at night

Why More Car Accidents Happen in the Dark and How to Avoid Them

With autumn underway, the days have gotten shorter. With the sun rising later and setting earlier each day, the chances of you having to drive in the dark increase significantly this time of year. It’s no secret that navigating roads in the dark presents its own set of risks, often leading to a higher incidence… Read more »

Auto Collision

Dispelling Common Myths About Car Accident Causes

Car accidents, unfortunately, are commonplace enough that millions of us will deal with them over the course of our lives. The ubiquity of collision has given rise to a number of myths regarding what primarily causes them. Today, we’ll debunk some of these common misconceptions, allowing us to create a more accurate understanding and, hopefully,… Read more »

A mid-size SUV has flipped over on a city road after a vehicle collision

The Effect of Vehicle Size and Weight in Collision Outcomes

When two vehicles collide, the outcome of the accident isn’t just dictated by the speed or angle of impact. The size and weight of the vehicles involved also play a pivotal role in determining the damage and potential injuries. Here’s how these factors influence collision outcomes and what it means for road safety: The Physics… Read more »

An older car with a flat tire

Common Vehicle Issues that Lead to Accidents

In a world full of stresses, obligations, and responsibilities, it’s easy to overlook minor issues with your vehicle. However, this is a temptation that you should avoid. After all, these minor problems become major ones if left unaddressed and a well-maintained vehicle is a critical aspect of road safety. Here are some common vehicle issues… Read more »

A young man holds the wheel in the correct manner while driving down an open road

New Technological Features that Are Making Vehicles Safer

Safety is at the forefront of vehicle design and technology. As we move further into the 21st century, an array of impressive features is making vehicles safer than ever. Here are some of the latest advancements improving vehicle safety: Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) One of the most significant developments in vehicle safety is Advanced Driver-Assistance… Read more »

A road in poor condition with potholes and other issues

Road Conditions That Lead to Vehicle Accidents

Avoiding vehicle accidents often comes down to the behavior and decision making of drivers. But road conditions are an underrated factor that can influence the likelihood of accidents. Understanding these conditions and their impact can provide valuable insight that might be able to prevent some future accidents. With that in mind, here are some road… Read more »

A man uses his foot to brake

How Brake Systems Impact Collision Outcomes

In the complex world of traffic safety, every component of your vehicle plays a vital role. Among these, the brake system stands out as a critical player in accident prevention and, importantly, in collision outcomes. Brakes play an important role in determining the outcomes of an accident, including the safety of the driver. The Role… Read more »